Preparing for Puerto Rico- I Just got $500

Last night I could not fall asleep. I stayed up planning another dream trip. Every time I get settled into something-a job, school etc. it takes only a couple months before I am dying to see more of the world. It has almost been three months since I went to Israel so I am feeling that familiar sense of eagerness yet again.

Thankfully Alex (my boyfriend) and I have already planned our next vacation. This will be my first paid vacation or paid days off ever. We are flying to Puerto Rico to swim, lay on the beach, practice our Spanish, explore the island, witness bioluminescence and go on a paid-for rum tour of the island.

Recently after browsing Craigslist’s ETC jobs page, I found an applied for a grant to travel. This new app called Saga ( is offering grants to individuals who propose excursion ideas and want to share their stories with others while using the application. My proposal was to incorporate my trip to Puerto Rico through a rum tour of the island. It turns out Puerto Rico has several distilleries like Bacardi and Don Q and bars that offer high-end rum.

Saga has offered me $500 to use their app in which I take photos of my trip, log where I am and share with others what I am up to on the island all while enjoying my vacation and sampling rum. I was already in the process of saving for my trip so the grant they have offered me is such a lucky way to offset a lot of the costs and allow Alex and I to see more of the island and therefore taste more rum than we likely would have been able to!

More details to come with other posts as I continue to use Saga and get ready for the trip.


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